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Our shareholder : Cevital Group


Created in 1971, Cevital Group is the first Algerian private industrial group. As an active conglomerate in four main business sectors – food processing, industry, logistics & distribution, automotive & services – Cevital generates in 2013 an annual turnover of 2.5 billion euros and employs over 14,500 people.

With a two-digit annual growth rate since 1999, Cevital Group has reached a size that allows it to gain regional and international recognition as a « global player ». A status given by “The African Challengers’” report from the Boston Consulting Group.

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Cevital : a strong and diversified group whose motto is « Start small, think big and move fast »

Cevital Group was formed on a powerful idea: building a consistent and agile economic body together.

Issad Rebrab, founder of the Group, sums up the keys to success in seven points :

  • the reinvestment of the gains in sectors that carry high added value,
  • the research and implementation of the most advanced technological know-how,
  • the attention given to the choices of men and women, to their training and the transfer of expertise,
  • the corporate spirit,
  • the sense of innovation,
  • the search for excellence,
  • the pride and passion in serving the national economy.

With the creation of Brandt Group, home appliances have become the second pillar of Cevital Group.

The production capacity will be significantly increased by the end of 2015 with the investment of 200 million euros in the construction of Brandt Group’s new plant in Sétif, Algeria, which will reinforce the French production capacity. This site is expected to employ 7,500 people and will be dedicated to strongly challenged products.

Cevital: a global presence

Now established in Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Italy, Switzerland, Spain and France, Cevital Group predicts a turnover on the 2025 horizon of about 20 billion euros mainly internationally.

It is a willingness to expand which relies on heavy investment and external growth, notably in Europe and Africa.

The initiative in 2013 to create the « Cevital Corporate University » is directly related to this high-growth ambition.

It also stems from the business concept promoted by the President and Founder of the Group.
For Issad Rebrab, founder of the Group, they are « people companies », meaning companies focused on those who succeed over the long-term. Developing the talents of “the leaders of our growth”, is the mission assigned to the « Cevital Corporate University ».


A tradition of innovation

The world is changing, our lifestyles are evolving.. So are our products, with one step ahead !

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