Groupe Brandt

Our values


We have built our project around two fundamental values: Ambition and Respect.

Our ambition,

  • is to strengthen our leadership in Europe, Middle East, and North Africa and reinforce our positions in Asia,
  • is our will to succeed as a team in a competition whose referee is the client,
  • is to enhance our colleagues and encourage them to develop long-term careers at Brandt Group.


  • is, first, respect for people. It is the basis for all community life,
  • is building a close and trust-based relationship with our employees in order to foster their own personal fulfilment,
  • is recognising that our diversity and differences are rich sources of dynamism and creativity,
  • is fulfilling our commitment to our employees, our partners and our clients over the long-term,
  • is acting in an exemplary, respectful and responsible way.

The Best every day. Chaque jour le meilleur.


A tradition of innovation

The world is changing, our lifestyles are evolving.. So are our products, with one step ahead !

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