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For the planet


We are a committed and responsible company. Environmental protection starts from our products’ inception, continues during manufacturing and stays constant throughout their life cycles. For all new products, our specifications are clear: consume as little raw material and energy as possible, while increasing the recyclability rate beyond that of the product it replaces.

Eco-conception : reducing our footprint

We favor the usage of SRM (Secondary Raw Materials) obtained from waste valuation during the manufacturing of the products.
For our cooking hobs, we have chosen, for example, a ceramic glass made out of natural and high-performing materials thanks to their great thermal conductivity.

Eco-production : saving our resources and valuing our wastes

ISO 14001 certified, our French factories are governed by strict rules and procedures in environmental matters: the limitation of discharge, waste management, soil protection…
As part as our QSE policy (Quality, Security and Environment) we have :

  • divided the quantity of water needed to meet production requirements by 2 (surface treatment, facilities cooling) since 2005 ;
  • decreased electricity consumption by 40% ;
  • decreased the quantity of unsorted waste by 40%.

Eco-use: behaving as an active and responsible company

We wish to limit the environmental impact of our products as much as possible while improving their shelf lives and their user-friendliness. Through their water and electricity consumption, as well as their pollutant discharge, it is clear that home appliances impact our energy needs, groundwater and biodiversity.

To make a commitment, is to imagine and offer consumers exclusive functions, more and more efficiently, so that we act in an environmentally responsible way.

  • The « Dose-e » function helps prevent excessive doses of detergent (an average of 40% superfluous per cycle). When calculating the appropriate dosage it limits pollutant discharge and unnecessary water consumption.
  • Adapted to washing machines, dishwashers and dryers, the Off-peak Hours Synchronisation function helps smooth out energy demand.
  • The « Water Saver » system allows the reduction of water consumption by at least 7 l per cycle for the dishwashers and 7 l per kilogram for washing machines by retaining the water from the final rinse.


A tradition of innovation

The world is changing, our lifestyles are evolving.. So are our products, with one step ahead !

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