Groupe Brandt



A historical brand, Brandt is also our generalist trademark and is a strong presence in all families of products in the fields of Washing, Cooking, Cooling, Small Appliances, Television* and Air Conditioning*.

Brandt benefits from a great reputation among consumers. On the pulse of the daily lives of its users, it has been a part of the vast majority of French homes for decades.
Since its launch, the Brandt brand mission has been simple : support consumers for their entire lives by providing innovative, useful and relevant products.

Making daily life easier by providing adapted equipment is then written into in the brand’s DNA. A pioneer of its innovations, Brandt has set itself apart from the competition by being a technological leader. Automatic variable ability or automatic laundry detergents dispensing, … for example.

Whether in the field of Washing, Cooking or Cooling, many of Brandt’s products have been at the top of the sales charts and will have continued impact on current and future generations. Brandt continues to rank among France’s favourite brands.

* : in some countries