Groupe Brandt

A committed company


We are expanding our activities with a business model that respects Man and Nature over the long-term.

Technical progress cannot be the only basis on which a company’s success relies. We have chosen to give equal ammounts of importance to our employees, their know-how, their innovative ability, and the values that shape each of their decisions.

Immune to the effects of fashion or communication, Brandt Group is committed to a sustainable and responsible approach, an approach which relies on solid foundations : the respect of Mankind in all its diversity and a strong, legitimate sense of ambition.

Through our commitment to building a virtuous, united and economically responsible future, we are acutely aware of the social and societal role that befalls us.

By respecting human beings in all their diversity, regardless of gender, age, disability or origin, and by placing people at the heart of our concern, we offer a lasting perspective.

Looking beyond just the circle of the company, we ensure an ambition, which is to win a competition refereed by the client. The ambition that we would like to be exemplary, respectful and responsible.
Respecting the environment means listening to everything around us : the natural resources and raw materials we use, our products’ life cycles, recycling and valorisation opportunities. We are doing our best to reduce the impact of our activity and that of our products on future generations.

Keeping these values of respect and ambition strong and constantly enriching them means not only looking far beyond the present, but also building the future.


A tradition of innovation

The world is changing, our lifestyles are evolving.. So are our products, with one step ahead !

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