Groupe Brandt

A tradition of innovation


Throughout our history, we have designed increasingly efficient, easy-to-use, environmentally friendly and perfectly adapted products to meet consumers’ daily needs.

As pioneers in several fields, we have always stood out among existing offerings, notably in Cooking, Washing and Cooling with our Brandt, De Dietrich, Sauter and Vedette brands. Anticipating new trends has allowed us to be one technological step ahead at all times.

For a long time, many of our products have been at the top of the sales charts and have impacted generations. From the automatic variable ability of the washing machine, to the refrigerator’s 0 to -3° compartment, the automatic detergent dispenser, the induction cooktop, the pyrolysis oven and professional low-temperature cooking – a large number of our inventions are essential nowadays. And furthermore, they have been adopted by most manufacturers.