Groupe Brandt

For our employees


We have chosen to give equal importance to the know-how of our employees, their innovative ability, their interpersonal skills and the values that shape each of their decisions.

Safety at work

Safety at work is the first requirement of our human resources policy.

Everyone involved in Brandt Group corporate life is encouraged to share these fundamental behaviors in regard to safety and health at work : setting an example, staying vigilant and being responsive.

  • Employees are responsible for their own safety and contribute to the improvement of their working conditions ; they are informed about these issues through information, training and their managers.
  • Management ensures safety rules, helps to keep suggestions for the prevention of risk in mind and takes actions to eliminate risky situations.
  • Social partners are involved in the implementation of the prevention process.
  • Suppliers and partners are required to observe safety rules at all work sites.

Diversity, a wealth

Believing in mankind is, believing in its diversity first. By placing our employees at the core of our concerns, regardless of gender, age, disability, or geographic and social origins, we are giving them long-term prospects at Brandt Group.

Our employees, regardless of gender, benefit from plans aimed at promoting their carriers and geared toward high levels of responsibility (employment, training, and steps to manage their professional and personal lives).

Training through the Cevital Corporate University

The “Cevital Corporate University”, founded in 2013, aims to support the growth of the Group and its subsidiaries by creating a knowledge platform and sharing the best practices.

For Issad Rebrab, founder and president of the Group, they are “people companies”, meaning companies focused on those who succeed over the long-term.
Developing the talents of “the leaders of our growth”, is the mission assigned to the « Cevital Corporate University”.


A tradition of innovation

The world is changing, our lifestyles are evolving.. So are our products, with one step ahead !

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